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The following troubleshooting tips aim to help fix the most common issues encountered when using the git bridge on Overleaf.

Repository not found errors

If you are seeing a Repository not found error, it's likely that the wrong URL is being used. The correct URL is listed under Git in the main project menu, and it is different from the git URL used for the same project on Overleaf v1, and the URL in the browser address bar.

It's also worth ensuring that git bridge is allowed on the project in question. This will be shown by opening the Git modal in the main project menu. Git bridge is a premium feature, so it will only be available if the project owner has a paid subscription to Overleaf, or has access to the feature for instance from beta testing.

Authentication failed errors

If you are seeing an Authentication failed error, you should make sure your account has an Overleaf password set. If you had registered your account through Google or ORCiD single sign-on, your Overleaf password should be set here, and this should be used when accessing the git bridge.

If there are any special characters (such as : or &) in your Overleaf password, these may also cause problems for the git authentication. It is recommended to change to a password without special characters, here.

It may also help to include your username in the URL by running e.g.

$ git clone https://<email>%40<domain><id>

(where the %40 is necessary to escape the @ symbol).

Please note that it is no longer possible to use the git bridge without first logging into an account with permission to edit the project. This change from v1 was made to ensure that all edits can be traced.

Some operating systems will cache credentials as well, depending on the applications you have installed and their settings. (For example, Apple's Mac OS X Keychain will do this.) If you are experiencing unexplained authentication problems, this is another aspect to check.

Saving authentication credentials

Overleaf does not currently support SSH key authentication. To save time, one approach to enter your credentials less often is to run

$ git config --global credential. <e-mail address registered with Overleaf>
$ git config --global credential. cache

Still seeing problems?

Please write to our support team with details of what you are seeing.

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