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Yes, you can do this using the “Include file from other project” option within the Add Files menu:

Adding file from other project

One convenient way to set this up if you're planning to use the same files across multiple projects is to organize things as follows:

  1. Create a “parent” or source project containing your common files e.g. .bib, .cls, .sty, graphics, etc.
  2. In your “child” projects, click the “Upload files” button at the top of the file list panel.
  3. Select “From another project”, and navigate to your parent project, and select the file that you need.

You will now be able to used the linked file in your “child” project.

If you’ve modified the original copy of the files in the parent project, remember to click on the linked file in the child projects and then “Refresh” to pull in the changes.

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