Overleaf is a collaborative writing and publishing system that makes the whole process of producing academic papers much quicker for both authors and publishers.

Overleaf is a free service that lets you create, edit and share your scientific ideas easily online using LaTeX, a comprehensive and powerful tool for scientific writing.

Overleaf has grown rapidly since its launch in 2012, and today there are over 2,900,000 users from over 180 countries worldwide who've created over 21 million projects using the service.

Writelatex Limited, the company behind Overleaf, was founded by John Hammersley and John Lees-Miller, two mathematicians who worked together on the pioneering Ultra PRT Project and who were inspired by their own experiences in academia to create a better solution for collaborative scientific writing.

Overleaf is part of Digital Science, who have helped us grow into the company we are today. Digital Science have supported and invested in Overleaf since 2014, and have a mission to help make research more efficient, so there’s more time for discovery.

Our aims

Why did we create Overleaf? To address problems that we experienced ourselves when writing papers collaboratively, and by doing so, make the power of LaTeX accessible to all scientists and technical writers, at all stages of their career.

Most of the world's technological and medical innovations began with a scientific paper. There are over two million scientific papers published every year, and many more technical reports and presentations. Scientists in academia and industry spend a lot of their time writing, reviewing and publishing these papers; that's a lot of admin & paperwork tasks. We saw a way we could help save time on these tasks, making the whole process of academic collaboration easier and more effective.

Going beyond academia, society increasingly looks to science for solutions to today’s most pressing social challenges, and if we’re going to face up to complex health issues, an ageing population, and the digital transformation of the world, we need science that is faster, more open, more trustworthy, and more meaningful to citizens. We’re helping to make that possible.

Get in touch

If you'd like to contact the team, please email us via welcome@overleaf.com, or via our contact us page.

Interested in joining Overleaf? Our current openings are listed on our Workable page, and we're always keen to hear from exceptional people who are passionate about what they do — just drop us a line at jobs@overleaf.com.

Our Team

  • John Hammersley

    John Hammersley

    Co-founder, CEO

    Mathematician; physicist; dancer. Entrepreneur; founder; CEO. Co-founder of Overleaf. Did driverless taxis at Ultra PRT. Forever learning :)
  • Mary Anne

    Mary Anne Baynes


    Champion for innovation in the scientific and publishing communities through amazing new technologies.
  • Lee Shalit

    Lee Shalit


    Accountant, lawyer, entrepreneur, with 20 years experience working as a COO/CFO to Tech-Digital start ups. Worked previously for Fintech, Digital Agency and Software companies. Passionate about innovation, entrepreneurship and sport.
  • Shelly Miller

    Shelly Miller

    Sales & Academic Outreach Manager

    Passionate about education and art, and enthusiastic about supporting a creative, innovative technology that is making a positive difference in collaborative scientific research and publishing worldwide.
  • Ryan Looney

    Ryan Looney

    Client Services Manager

    I'm committed to making the world a better place by connecting scientists and researchers with the tools they need. Avid reader, lifelong learner, slow but joyful runner.
  • Villy Ioannou

    Villy Ioannou

    Institutional Sales Manager (EMEA)

    A passionate supporter of open science and unrestricted dissemination of science and knowledge. Excited to be able to facilitate collaboration and to provide the tools to the scientific community wherever they are to make our planet (and beyond) a better place to be!
  • Liz Kluk

    Liz Kluk

    Publishing & Institutional Sales Manager - Americas & Oceania

    Enthusiastic equestrian with a passion for science, technology, and learning.
  • Patrick Monteith

    Patrick Monteith

    Enterprise Sales Manager

    I have a passion for sales and marketing and am thrilled to empower scientists, researchers, and authors with the tools they need to accomplish great things. When not working for Overleaf I can usually be found on the golf course, hiking through the hills of North Carolina, or cooking with close friends.
    • John Lees-Miller

      John Lees-Miller

      Co-founder, CTO

      Computer scientist, mathematician and co-founder of Overleaf. I make things that work.
    • Tim Alby

      Tim Alby

      Full stack software developer

      I'm a software engineer interested in the web and entrepreneurship. I like to create things available to people. I'm french, living in London (that's so original...)
    • Michael Mazour

      Michael Mazour

      Senior Developer and Architect

      Expat Silicon Valley software guy. Studied physics long ago, then wound up at a succession of software companies (some well known, some not). Pleased to be re-involved with the sciences.
    • Ali Smith

      Ali Smith

      Software Developer

      I'm a web developer interested in science and how it gets out into the world. Also finding mountains and climbing up them.
    • Hugh O'Brien

      Hugh O'Brien

      Software Developer

      Aspiring psychologist turned journal staffer turned software developer. Interested in improving science and the way it's communicated using technology.
    • Graham Douglas

      Graham Douglas

      Content Development Editor

      I've worked in scientific/technical publishing for over 20 years (Senior Publisher, book/journal production, and programming). Now relishing the opportunity to combine my interests in publishing and TeXnology. I work from home, ably assisted by our two delightfully inquisitive Bengal cats: Oscar and Alfie.
    • Nate Stemen

      Nate Stemen

      Software Developer

      Math, physics, and computer science—especially their intersection. Determined to improve the current state of education through technology and data.
    • Lian Tze Lim

      Lian Tze Lim

      Community TeXpert

      Computer scientist, once-lecturer, trainer. Enjoys tinkering with LaTeX in the name of productive procrastination (ahem). Personal motto: "all research students are insane at one time or another".
    • Henry Oswald

      Henry Oswald

      Product Manager

      Henry is a software engineer living in London. He built the original prototype of ShareLaTeX and has been responsible for building a stable and scalable platform. Henry is a strong advocate of Test Driven Development and makes sure we keep the code clean and easy to maintain.
    • James Allen

      James Allen

      Product Manager

      James has a PhD in theoretical physics and is passionate about LaTeX. He created one of the first online LaTeX editors, ScribTeX, and has played a large role in developing the technologies that make ShareLaTeX and Overleaf possible.
    • Shane Kilkelly

      Shane Kilkelly

      Software Developer

      Shane is a software developer living in Edinburgh. Shane is a strong advocate for Functional Programming, Test Driven Development and takes pride in building quality software.
    • Brian Gough

      Brian Gough

      Software Developer

      Brian is a software developer and former theoretical high energy physicist at Fermilab and Los Alamos. For many years he published free software manuals commercially using TeX and LaTeX and was also the maintainer of the GNU Scientific Library.
      • Paulo Reis

        Paulo Reis

        Software Developer

        Paulo is a front-end software developer and user experience researcher living in Aveiro, Portugal. Paulo has a PhD in user experience and is passionate about shaping technology towards human usage — either in concept or testing/validation, in design or implementation.
        • Chris Walker

          Chris Walker

          Marketing and Content Development

          Chris develops new marketing content and ideas for Overleaf. With a technical background as a former systems engineer, he has a data-driven approach and is always looking to test new ideas before diving in.
          • Natalie Jonk

            Natalie Jonk

            Community Manager

            Passionate about tools that improve efficiency in the world of academia, both in terms of saving time on day-to-day tasks as well as enabling academics to get their work in front of wider audiences. Background in Pharmacology, big Pharma and running my own start-up helping academics crowdfund their research.
          • Christopher Hoskin

            Christopher Hoskin

            Senior Software Developer

            Mathematician, IT Professional and Debian Developer. Slightly obsessed with packaging software. I'm also interested in natural history, particularly botany.
          • Jessica Lawshe

            Jessica Lawshe

            Full Stack Engineer

            Science enthusiast. Once a life sciences researcher, a passion for programming and improving technology for scientists led Jessica to software engineering. Previously she worked with peer-reviewed publishers and science start-ups. She also enjoys stepping away from the computer to explore the outdoors.
          • Lisa Aydin

            Lisa Aydin

            Finance Manager

            Lisa makes sure all the Overleaf finance and administration functions run smoothly. Background in support, finance and administration in Healthcare and Pharma. Nature lover, volunteer, community champion and Yorkshire Tea addict.
            • Harriet Walsh

              Harriet Walsh

              Community TeXpert

              LaTeX enthusiast, here to help debug elusive errors and keep our documentation up to date. Studying physics, trying hard not to be distracted by typesetting physics.
              • Ersun Warncke

                Ersun Warncke

                Senior Software Developer

                Originally from the United States, Ersun has developed systems software for web hosting at Bluehost, consumer websites for Ebay and Rent.com, and worked on a number of open source projects, mostly for Node.js.
                • Douglas Lovell

                  Douglas Lovell

                  Software Engineer

                  Doug is a TeX wayback who loves typesetting. He pays attention to HCI design, practices TDD, has deep experience making great software. Away from work, he experiments with applied fluid dynamics in airplanes and sailboats.
                  • Chrystal Griffiths

                    Chrystal Griffiths

                    Software Developer

                    Originally from Birmingham in the UK, Chrystal is a primarily a frontend engineer who likes JavaScript and also manipulating strings. Other things she likes include foam bananas, skincare and anything that will make her even more organised.
                  • Paul Gessler

                    Paul Gessler

                    LaTeX Support and Product Specialist

                    Paul is an avid TeX user who enjoys helping others use LaTeX to produce high-quality, effective documents of all kinds. Trained as a mechanical engineer, but with an atypical set of interests, he has experience in research, software product development, publishing, and teaching. Paul is committed to building and supporting tools that make scientific collaboration and publishing easier. When he's not at work, you might find Paul backpacking, cycling, or enjoying time with family and friends.
                  • AJ HS 200x200 - Copy

                    Amy Jenkins

                    Marketing and Events Coordinator

                    Enthusiastic to be part of an amazing team, supporting a powerful tool to make scientific collaboration available to all. Devoted to family, dog lover, aspiring amateur photographer.


                  • Ioana Tagirta

                    Ioana Tagirta

                    Software Engineer

                    Interested in distributed systems and solving algorithmic challenges. I enjoy working remotely from home, but I did go out once to meet Hello Kitty.
                  • Hayden Faulds

                    Hayden Faulds

                    Software Engineer

                    Just your standard piano playing, sports loving, software engineer. I've been working remotely for the past few years and love it. I take great satisfaction in building tools to make other people's lives easier
                  • Joe Green

                    Joe Green

                    Full Stack Engineer

                    Joe is a full stack engineer based in York. Joe takes pride in building secure, scalable systems and enjoys finding new ways to simplify software development.
                  • Michael Cribbin

                    Michael Cribbin

                    Community TeXpert

                    Michael is one of our resident LaTeX experts, and is responsible for many of our great tutorials and guides as well as solving some tricky LaTeX problems.
                  • Kiri Channon

                    Kiri Channon

                    Group Account Manager

                    Kiri provides account management support for the groups using ShareLaTeX and Overleaf. Previously she worked at the BBC and before that she helped run the torch relay for London 2012 Olympics.
                  • Alberto Fernández-Capel

                    Alberto Fernández-Capel

                    Senior Software Developer

                    Originally from Spain, I now live in the beautiful Edinburgh with my wife, daughter and two cats. I love designing software and building products that help people.
                  • Caroline

                    Caroline Glassberg-Powell

                    Software Developer

                    Computer scientist turned environmental scientist with a passion for clean water, trees, and toilets. I use LaTeX for all my reports to make science look beautiful. I am honoured to have been so involved with the excellent work Overleaf do in making science and TeXnology available for all.
                  • Stu Kennedy

                    Stu Kennedy

                    Software Developer

                    Mathematician, Software Developer, Music Producer and Film/TV Composer ... basically, 100% geek; but loud. My face is blurred because I like to go fast.
                  • Marc Egea i Sala

                    Marc Egea i Sala

                    Software Developer

                    Actively trying to make the machines do all the hard and boring work and let us build things. Moved from Barcelona for the weather and the food.
                  • IMG 1766 (3)

                    Sara Mohammadi

                    Finance Assistant

                    With many years of experience in finance in both corporate and charity sector, Sara is passionate about helping people and making a difference. Loves traveling and taking a long walk in nature.