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Overleaf is free to use, while the paid subscription plans allow larger projects to compile, with a higher timeout limit.

Free Premium
Compile timeout: 60 seconds 240 seconds
Max number of files per project: 2000 2000
Maximum total size of editable material per project: 7 MB 7 MB
Maximum size of an individual editable text file: 1 MB* 1 MB*
Maximum size of an individual upload: 50 MB 50 MB
Maximum total size per project: Unlimited† Unlimited†
Maximum total number of projects: Unlimited Unlimited

* Some larger files may remain editable under certain circumstances. To ensure that a file remains editable, please limit its size to 1MB or less.

† There is no enforced limit on total project size. However, you may encounter technical limitations when working with very large projects. We recommend keeping each project’s size to less than 500 MB in general, or less than 100 MB if using GitHub syncing or Git Bridge. Projects above these sizes may work, but we recommend staying within these limits for the best experience.

Premium plans include the Personal, Standard (previously called Collaborator), Professional and Student plans.

Premium plans also provide additional features such as Full History, Track Changes and integrations with Git and GitHub, Dropbox, Zotero and Mendeley.

The Standard, Professional and Student plans also allow subscribers to invite more than one named collaborator to their projects: 6 collaborators per project for Student subscriptions, 10 for Standard subscriptions, and an unlimited number for Professional subscriptions.

See the plans page for an overview of the available plans.

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