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If you're new to \(\mathrm\LaTeX\), we recommend taking our online \(\mathrm\LaTeX\) course, prepared by Dr John Lees-Miller and originally presented at the University of Bristol.

This short course will cover all the basics of using \(\mathrm\LaTeX\), and through completing the interactive exercises you'll learn how to write a complete paper, article or report in \(\mathrm\LaTeX\), including text, figures, tables and a bibliography.

Cover slide.png

The course concludes in Part 3 by introducing some more advanced \(\mathrm\LaTeX\) packages, namely:

  • \(\mathrm\LaTeX\) presentations with Beamer
  • drawing in \(\mathrm\LaTeX\) with TikZ
  • tracked changes and comments with todonotes

Get started on the course today, and Happy \(\mathrm\TeX\text{ing!}\)