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Yes you can. You can create a new document and copy & paste the text from your existing tex file. If your document contains multiple files, you can zip them up, and upload the .zip file using one of the upload options on your projects dashboard (see picture below).

Upload Button </p>

Alternatively, you can first create a blank project (or create one from a template in the Gallery). When the project editor loads, click on the “Add files” link at the top of the file list, and then select “Upload from… Computer”. You can then select the files you want to upload from your computer, either by first clicking on the "Select files" button to open a file browser, or simply drag-and-drop files from your Explorer/Finder onto the uploader. This animated GIF shows how this can be done:

Uploading files to an existing project

Can I use git to push a new project?

If you use git, you can also git push your files to your Overleaf project.

Is there an API for loading new projects?

You can also use one of the options given on our developers page to import directly from your website into Overleaf.

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