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In this article we show how to streamline your publication workflow by taking advantage of Overleaf's integration with many journals, repositories and author-service companies.

Note: If you're looking for more information on how to submit your project to the Overleaf Gallery, you can find that in this related article.

Submit to one of our publishing partners

Overleaf works with a range of partners to streamline your publishing workflow by providing the ability to send/submit your paper (project) to those partners—using features accessible from within your Overleaf project. Those submission processes are designed to meet the requirements specified by each partner, so the actual submission workflow will show some variation according to the publisher, journal, repository or service you are submitting to.

To submit your work you can either use the "Submit" menu option, accessible from your project or, for a select number of journals/publishers, you can can use the submission link which appears in your project if you use one of the official templates of publishers/journals who have chosen to provide this option.

Direct export or manual download

Some publishers have opted for a full Overleaf integration which enables Overleaf to export the project (article) files and send them to the publisher's manuscript submission system—meaning you don't need to download anything. Other publishers have chosen a less-complete integration which requires you to download the project files and upload them to the publisher's manuscript submission system.

Using submission links

For some partnering publishers or journals, use of their official LaTeX template, accessible from the Gallery, will create a submission link within the menu of your project, helping to further streamline the publishing workflow. The following short video shows an example submission link worklow based on using an official F1000Research LaTeX template contained in the Overleaf Gallery.

Using the "Submit" feature

The following video shows how to use the "Submit" feature—from where you can submit your project to the Overleaf Gallery, or submit it to any one of Overleaf's publishing partners.

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