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Commenting: feature overview

The Comment feature is available in all Overleaf accounts, free and paid, and this article shows how to use it. To read about Overleaf’s Track Changes features, available to paid accounts, you can find further information in the article Track Changes in Overleaf.

We provide three short video clips to demonstrate commenting:

  • The basics: A 30-second video which shows how to access Overleaf's commenting feature
  • Using comments: A 1 minute video which shows a single user adding, editing, archiving (resolving) and deleting comments
  • Collaborative commenting: This 2 minute video shows 2 fictitious users called Ivor Question and Alison Carefully. Ivor invited Alison to his project and they exchange comments in a thread to resolve an issue in the project.

Video: The basics

Video: Using comments

Video: Collaborative commenting

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