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Yes, multiple files can be uploaded to Overleaf in one go; when using the uploader, simply select multiple files as usual (by holding down shift or ctrl when selecting) when choosing which files to upload. The upload dialogue will then display the progress of all uploads, and close when the final upload is complete. You can also upload a folder of files within a project (note, however, the file structure will be flattened). There is a hard limit of 40 individual files per upload, and of 50 MB of data per upload.

You can also upload a zip file containing an existing project or template directly to your Projects Dashboard. This will maintain the internal folders as well.

On Overleaf v1, users on free plans can upload up to a total of 60 files per document; this is increased to 500 files for our Pro account users. On Overleaf v2, there is a limit of 2000 files per project, for any account type.

If you have a specific requirement for more files, or have any further questions related to multiple file support, please let us know via our contact page.

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