How do I save a new document I've created?

We save your document automatically every few seconds, as you type. If you'd like to download a copy for offline use, you can download a pdf via the icon in the topbar menu, or download the full set of files from the 'files' menu.

If you want to keep a particular version of a document for future reference, you can do this from the 'history' menu - you can then restore any of your earlier versions at any time.

Overleaf Save and Restore Version History Feature

If you've signed up for a free writeLaTeX account, you can go to your My Documents page via the link on the top right, and all your documents are listed there.

Finally, if you're on one of our premium accounts, you'll have access to the integrated 'Save to Dropbox' feature, which lets you quickly save a version directly to a Dropbox folder.