How do I download the automatically generated files (e.g. .bbl, .aux, .ind, .gls) for my project? My publisher asked me to include them in my submission.

Under the Project menu, if you click the arrow next to 'Download Zip', you will see three options:

  • The 'Input Files Only' option downloads a zip which does not include any automatically generated files. This is the standard download option.
  • The ‘Input and Output Files’ option downloads a zip which includes all the automatically generated files (including some that are not generally required for submissions to publishers).
  • The 'For submission (with .bbl)' option downloads a zip which includes the files most commonly required by journal manuscript submission systems, namely the bibliography (.bbl), index (.ind) and glossary (.gls) files. This is the zip file required for submissions to e.g. the arXiv.
Zip for submission Overleaf screenshot

For official journal templates on Overleaf that have a customized 'Submit to Journal' option in the topbar (as shown in the image above for the OSA), if that submission modal contains a download zip option it will be set to automatically download the appropriate set of files required for that publisher.

If you are submitting to a journal from Overleaf and have any questions, please get in touch, we'll be happy to help if we can!