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Article Layout

Articles which describe a feature or package of LaTeX should include:

  1. A short introductory paragraph which describes what the package does, and why someone might want to use it.
  2. An Introduction section which shows a small but complete example of how to use the package/feature. This should show the LaTeX code and the output. Each line or command in the example should then be explained.
  3. Further examples which show other features of the package. Only show features that are most likely to be needed.
  4. A reference guide to any configuration options in the package. For example, in describing the geometry package, it would be appropriate to list the named page sizes that it is aware of, like a4paper, letterpaper, etc.
  5. Links to the official package documentation and other useful resources.

A good example of an article is Feynman diagrams using feynmf

Including Examples

Examples are the best way to describe how different features of LaTeX work. To include some example LaTeX code, use the following markup:

{{Example|title=My Example|content=
<source lang="latex">
\textbf{Hello World} % Makes the text bold.

This will display the following in the article:

\textbf{Hello World} % Makes the text bold.

Most examples should also include the output. To do this you'll need to take a screenshot of the output and upload it. You can then include it alongside some example code with the following markup:

{{Example with output|title=feynmf.tex|content=
<source lang="latex">
% Example code here

This will display the following in the article:

% Example code here


Linking to ShareLaTeX projects

All examples should also contain links to a project in ShareLaTeX which contains a complete working example. This project should exactly match the example and output shown (and can be used to take the screenshot).

To create ShareLaTeX projects, you will need to sign up to ShareLaTeX and then create a project containing the example code. Make sure that you set the project to be 'Public - read only' in the project settings so that others can access it. To include a link to the project in your article, use the following MediaWiki code:

{{Open Project|id=52d3ff8657bab7b32d0003f0|name=Example_Project|text=Open an example of the knitr package in ShareLaTeX}}

This will display the following:

  Open an example of the knitr package in ShareLaTeX

The id should be the id of the project, which can be found in the project URL, like The name should be an appropriate name for the project which will be created. A name like '<package>_Example' is a good name in general, where <package> is the name of the package you are describing. Finally, the text is what will be displayed on the page as the link to the example project.

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