Free & Interactive Online Introduction to LaTeX

Part 3: Not Just Papers: Presentations & More


Welcome to the third part of our free online course to help you learn LaTeX. This part includes a quick recap of the LaTeX fundamentals presented in part one and part two of the course, but if you are new to LaTeX, you may want to work through those parts in full.

In this part of the course, we introduce some more advanced LaTeX packages, namely:

  • LaTeX Presentations with Beamer
  • Drawing in LaTeX with TikZ
  • Tracked changes and comments with todonotes

Let's get started!

These slides have also been translated into French (thanks to Yannis Haralambous) and several other languages.

John Lees-Miller giving this short course to finance students at the University of Bristol
Overleaf co-founder Dr John Lees-Miller made these slides for a short course at the University of Bristol. They're now open source, with lots of remixes and translations.