LaTeX Tips

  1. Tips and Tricks for Troubleshooting LaTeX
  2. Is there a way to run a word count that doesn't include LaTeX commands?
  3. Can I use Overleaf with RefWorks?
  4. How do I remove the numbers from section headings?
  5. How do I change column or row separation in LaTeX tables?
  6. How do I insert an image at a specific point in the document?
  7. How do I add a bibliography to my document?
  8. How can I double space a document?
  9. How do I wrap text around a figure?
  10. How do I use subscripts?
  11. How do I do to use letters with accents (e.g. in French or Portuguese)?
  12. How do I get my images to stay where I put them?
  13. How do I adjust the font size?
  14. I want to write Greek language text. How do I do this?
  15. How can I include MATLAB code in my LaTeX document?
  16. How can I delete the date that appears after the author?
  17. How do I add a caption to a table?
  18. How do I include sections of R code within my LaTeX document?
  19. I have a custom font I'd like to load to my document. How can I do this?
  20. How to I specify the size of an image in LaTeX?
  21. How do I add additional author names and affiliations to my paper?
  22. Why can't I use \bullet without getting a syntax error?
  23. In the IEEE for journals template, I'm trying to use bibtex for my references...
  24. I want to display the text "\begin{verbatim}" on my pdf as standard text. How can I do this?
  25. Is there a source-code highlighting package for LaTeX that you can recommend?
  26. How do I tab (indent) a paragraph in LaTeX?
  27. How I can change the style of ModernCV and Cover Letter to Banking Style?
  28. How do I create angular brackets in LaTeX?
  29. How can I write a ° (degree) symbol in LaTeX?
  30. How do I use the frontespizio package?
  31. What OTF/TTF fonts are supported via fontspec?
  32. How do I add blank lines between paragraphs?
  33. How does Overleaf compile my project?
  34. The journal says "don't use BibTeX; paste the contents of the .bbl file into the .tex file". How do I do this on Overleaf?
  35. How can I learn advanced LaTeX and become a full LaTeX programmer?
  36. How can I embed a video in my PDF using LaTeX?
  37. I changed the language option to babel, and now I'm getting a "Unknown language" error!
  38. Does Overleaf support JabRef?
  39. My submission was rejected by the journal because "Font XYZ is not embedded". What can I do?
  40. BibTeX isn't working; my \cite are showing up as question marks (?)
  41. How do I create a possessive/genitive citation?
  42. I changed the babel language option in a template, and now I'm getting a "Unknown language" error!
  43. I want to write my thesis using a template from the Overleaf Gallery, but there are many empty pages before the acknowledgement, declaration, ToC, before each chapter, etc! How do I get rid of the empty pages?
  44. My main file is in a subfolder, but this is not allowed on Overleaf. But I don't want to change my folder structure and \input paths!
  45. What file encodings and line endings should I use?
  46. What does "\pdfendlink ended up in different nesting level than \pdfstartlink" mean?
  47. What programming languages do the minted package support for including syntax-highlighted source code in my LaTeX document?
  48. I'm trying to include URLs in my .tex/.bib, but I got an error "Missing $ inserted".
  49. Can I remove the white margins around the page in the PDF preview so that the text is larger?
  50. Can I use Overleaf with EndNote?
  51. I have a manual list of references in Word/PDF. Is there a quick way to convert it to BibTeX?
  52. My image files are very large (>1MB), so my project is compiling slowly or timing out, and I'm nearing my project size limit. Any advice?
  53. The text in my EPS/PDF image file is missing when I uploaded my manuscript to a journal's submission portal, but it looked just fine on Overleaf.
  54. How do I include entries in the bibliography/references that isn't actually cited in the text?
  55. How can I get my table or figure to stay where they are, instead of going to the next page?