Features and Files

  1. How do I rename a project in My Projects?
  2. Can I upload files from Dropbox, Google Drive or similar?
  3. Can I upload a zip file?
  4. Can I create my own LaTeX templates?
  5. How do I insert an image into my document?
  6. How do I create a folder or subfolder in my project?
  7. What file types do you support?
  8. I have created a LaTeX document elsewhere - can I import it into Overleaf?
  9. Is Overleaf limited to 30-pages? The preview seems to stop at that point.
  10. Can I add inline or margin comments to the pdf?
  11. I've uploaded figures but they don't appear in my document - what is wrong?
  12. Can I upload multiple files at once?
  13. Can multiple authors edit the same file at the same time?
  14. What packages do you support?
  15. If my LaTeX project is split into multiple tex files, can I edit them all on Overleaf?
  16. When using the Vim editor, I cannot switch back to normal mode from insert mode.
  17. Is there a way to adjust the zoom level of the displayed pdf?
  18. How can I organise my projects with tags or folders?
  19. What if I have an idea for functionality to improve Overleaf?
  20. Is it possible to delete single uploaded files?
  21. Can I start a new Overleaf project from an existing one?
  22. Is there an integrated spell checker?
  23. Can I turn off the automatic refresh of the preview?
  24. How do I save a new document I've created?
  25. Which emacs commands are usable in emacs mode?
  26. Why don't lines wrap on my browser?
  27. How do I download the tex file I created ?
  28. Is there a shortcut for commenting out several lines of code at once?
  29. Is there a hotkey for adding a block comment?
  30. How do I remove the frog picture from the default paper template?
  31. Can I turn off the auto-closing of brackets in the editor?
  32. How do I update a template, example or article I've published in the Overleaf gallery?
  33. How can I create nested folders / subfolders ?
  34. Can I choose which file is the main tex file in a project on Overleaf?
  35. How can I add a bibliography?
  36. Is there a way to run a word count that doesn't include LaTeX commands?
  37. Is there a way to change which latex file is previewed? My project involves several documents.
  38. Does Overleaf support Chinese writing?
  39. Can I change the spell check language to e.g. Spanish?
  40. Can I use the pstricks package on Overleaf?
  41. What languages are currently supported in the spell checker?
  42. How do I upload a complete folder to an existing project?
  43. Where do I get a CiteULike Group ID?
  44. Can I save versions of my work?
  45. Is it possible to re-generate the sharing links (in case a collaborator has mistakenly published the link)?
  46. How do I recover the contents of a file that I accidentally deleted or replaced by something else?
  47. I have a custom font I'd like to load to my document. How can I do this?
  48. In the IEEE for journals template, I'm trying to use bibtex for my references...
  49. Is there a source-code highlighting package for LaTeX that you can recommend?
  50. What will happen to my protected projects if I change to a different pricing plan?
  51. Can I use regular expressions for "replace with"?
  52. Does Overleaf support pTeX?
  53. I have a lot of tikz, matlab2tikz or pgfplots figures, so I'm getting a compilation timeout. Can I externalise my figures?
  54. How do I download the automatically generated files (e.g. .bbl, .aux, .ind, .gls) for my project? My publisher asked me to include them in my submission.
  55. How do I remove or delete a project?
  56. What is my user storage quota and what counts toward my quota?
  57. Can I run plain TeX on Overleaf?
  58. I have a lot of .cls, .sty, .bst files, and I want to put them in a folder to keep my project uncluttered. But my project is not finding them to compile correctly.
  59. How can I make the xr package work on Overleaf?
  60. How do I make \today display the date according to my time zone?
  61. My .zip file is larger than 15MB; how can I upload it to create a new project?
  62. How does Overleaf compile my project?
  63. What shortcut keys are supported on Overleaf?
  64. Which BibTeX Styles are Available on Overleaf?
  65. The journal says "don't use BibTeX; paste the contents of the .bbl file into the .tex file". How do I do this on Overleaf?
  66. Can I create my own private templates on Overleaf?
  67. Can I share files (e.g. .bib and some graphics) across my projects?
  68. How do I get to the next search/find match result, or perform a search/replace?
  69. How do I push a new project to Overleaf via git?
  70. Does Overleaf support JabRef?
  71. How do I connect an Overleaf project with a repo on GitHub, GitLab or BitBucket?
  72. What file encodings and line endings should I use?
  73. How can I upload files from Google Drive?
  74. How can I define custom Vim macros in a vimrc file on Overleaf?
  75. How can I submit my Scientific Reports manuscript from Overleaf?
  76. Can I use Overleaf's teaching tools with Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, etc?
  77. I published a teaching assignment, but have now made some changes to the project. Do I need to republish it?
  78. Can I let others (not my students) also view my Teaching Plan assignments, for a teaching portfolio?
  79. I added some comments to a student's assignment after they'd submitted it; will they be notified about this?
  80. A student submitted their assignment but then continues editing, and I then made changes by adding some comments as well. If I now click submit, will there be a conflict?
  81. Can I remove the white margins around the page in the PDF preview so that the text is larger?
  82. Can I use Overleaf with EndNote?
  83. Can I use Overleaf with Paperpile?
  84. My image files are very large (>1MB), so my project is compiling slowly or timing out, and I'm nearing my project size limit. Any advice?
  85. The text in my EPS/PDF image file is missing when I uploaded my manuscript to a journal's submission portal, but it looked just fine on Overleaf.
  86. Why do I get 'authentication failed' when connecting to Overleaf with git?