Errors and Recovery

  1. Why do I keep getting the compile timeout error message?
  2. How do I recover the contents of a file that I accidentally deleted or replaced by something else?
  3. Why does it sometimes take a lot of time to show the pdf preview?
  4. I get an error when I use \usepackage{stata}
  5. Why does my document get stuck with a "Loading, Please wait" message?
  6. I have a lot of tikz, matlab2tikz or pgfplots figures, so I'm getting a compilation timeout. Can I externalise my figures?
  7. Why does changing a name or title in a bib file cause an error?
  8. BibTeX isn't working; my \cite are showing up as question marks (?)
  9. I keep getting the "Runaway argument?" error at \begin{document}, or from a .toc file.
  10. I changed the babel language option in a template, and now I'm getting a "Unknown language" error!
  11. My main file is in a subfolder, but this is not allowed on Overleaf. But I don't want to change my folder structure and \input paths!
  12. What does "\pdfendlink ended up in different nesting level than \pdfstartlink" mean?
  13. Other websites (including the dashboard) seem to be loading ok, but I'm having trouble accessing Overleaf projects. What could the problem be?