Why do I get 'authentication failed' when connecting to Overleaf with git?

If you get an error like fatal: Authentication failed when you try to git clone, git pull or git push your project on Overleaf, there are several possible solutions:

  1. If you are using an old version of git you may need to upgrade to a newer version. You should upgrade to at least version 2.13. If you are on macOS, the easiest way to do this is to install homebrew and then run brew install git.
  2. If you sign in to the Overleaf website without a password using Google, Twitter, ORCID, or one of our other single sign on providers, you will need to set an Overleaf password in order to sign in with git. You can set a password via your user settings.
  3. If your Overleaf password contains special characters, it may not work with git command. You can try resetting your password to one that does not contain the special characters, but instead contains only letters and numbers; you may wish to make the password longer than usual in this case.