Tip of the Week: Project Versioning and History

By Ryan Looney

Did you know that you can save and restore versions of your Overleaf projects? Pro and Pro+ users can even view the full history of their projects.

If you've ever wanted to see what changes you've made to your project, and even revert back to before you made the changes, you can. Within your project, click the History and Revisions button.

History and Revisions gif

Add a label to save the current version of your project. Use the compare and restore buttons to see what changes have been made, or revert back to a previous version. You can read more about versions here.

Users with Pro or Pro+ plans can go one step further and see their entire project history. From the History and Revisions window, click the Recent Activity link to see a detailed list of changes to your project. You can read more about that here. For more information about our Pro and Pro+ plans, visit our plans page.

Ryan Looney

Ryan Looney

Client Services Manager

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