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Overleaf #CampusChallenge 2016 - Announcing the Winners
By John Hammersley
Overleaf Campus Challenge Logo

The challenge is over, the results have been checked and verified, and we're delighted to announce the winners of the Overleaf Campus Challenge 2016!

Congratulations to Dr Arin Basu - Overleaf Advisor of the Month (November 2015)
By Shelly Miller
Arin Basu photo

Congratulations and thanks to Dr. Arindam Basu and the Research Committee of the College of Education, Health, and Human Development CoEHHD for organizing an interactive Overleaf overview presentation at the University of Canterbury at Christchurch in New Zealand.

As a champion of collaborative research, Arin’s aim for this workshop was to introduce and encourage the use of Overleaf as a collaborative writing tool among students and academic faculty members. In addition, Arin is creating some basic tutorials that will be available soon in Overleaf’s help section of the website. We value Arin’s continued use, support, and promotion of Overleaf.

As a result, Overleaf is delighted to name Arin Basu as Advisor of the Month for November, 2015. Thank you Arin!

Overleaf Advisor of the Month - Ratul Saha
By Shelly Miller
Overleaf Advisor Ratul Saha presenting at the Chennai Mathematical Institute

Overleaf would like to congratulate and thank Ratul Saha for his hard work on organizing a successful LaTeX overview presentation at Chennai Mathematical Institute. Ratul has been an Overleaf advisor for 10 months and we certainly appreciate his continued support and promotion of Overleaf.

As a result, Overleaf is delighted to name Ratul Saha as Advisor of the Month for October, 2015. Thank you Ratul!

Heeeere's Johnny! Watch John Hammersley's 5 minute presentation about Overleaf!
By Mary Anne Baynes
Overleaf Highly Commended at ALPSP 2015 - founders collecting award

We were recently honored by ALPSP as being Highly Commended for Publishing Innovation at the 2015 ALPSP Awards. Here's the 5 minute presentation in full!

Boom! Overleaf is Highly Commended for Innovation in Publishing at #alpsp15
By John Hammersley
A very happy Overleaf team alpsp15

Last night at the ALPSP Awards in London, Overleaf was highly commended for our work in making lives easier for authors in writing and publishing their research.