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Tip of the Week: Using Overleaf teaching tools with your learning management system
By Ryan Looney

Did you know you can use the Overleaf teaching tools with your learning management system? Once you've created your teaching assignment on Overleaf, you'll be provided with a unique URL you can share with your students.

Share menu publish as assignment highlighted
Tip of the Week: Displaying Source and Preview on Different Monitors
By Ryan Looney

Did you know you can work on the source code on one monitor and preview your compiled document on another?

One project open in two different windows
Integration Update: Auto-compiling in ShareLaTeX
By Paulo Reis

As part of our integration work, we're very happy to announce that automatic compiling is coming to ShareLaTeX!

ShareLaTeX auto-compiling in action
New From Overleaf—The LaTeX Validation Service
By Mary Anne Baynes

The Overleaf LaTeX Validation Service is a fully automated LaTeX compilation service delivering consistency and quality control for publishers, providing speed, simplicity and peace of mind for authors. In this post we explain how it can benefit your organization through workflow efficiencies and providing world-class services and support to your authoring community.

Four steps in the Overleaf LaTeX Validation Service
ShareLaTeX and Overleaf Integration Update
By John Hammersley

Following our exciting announcement in the second half of July, we wanted to give everyone a quick update on where things stand with Overleaf’s integration with ShareLaTeX.

Lots of developers in London!