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Congratulations Skye! Winner of the Overleaf Award for Most Entertaining Talk :)
By John Hammersley
Skye in mid-flow

Through a series of happy coincidences, Overleaf was able to support the recent 1st Annual Trent Mathematical Science Research Symposium.

Our sponsorship allowed us to offer an award, and 'most entertaining talk' seemed like a worthy prize! We're thus delighted to share the news that the winner of the Overleaf Award for Most Entertaining Talk was Skye Griffith.

A Data-Driven Approach to LaTeX Autocomplete
By Nate Stemen

Writing LaTeX can at times be tedious and painful. At Overleaf we try to minimize that pain and provide a more enjoyable, and overall focused experience allowing you to put content over commands. In this post we begin to learn about what we are doing at Overleaf to help combat this pain by building a smarter autocomplete feature.

Command Word Cloud