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Overleaf at Australian and NZ Industrial and Applied Maths (ANZIAM) 2016
Edward Waters - Overleaf Advisor
Edward Waters photo

Having been loudly singing the praises of Overleaf for years now, first as a PhD student and then as an ambassador and lecturer, I'm amazed that there are still a good proportion of LaTeX users who haven't heard of it. I was therefore eager to set up a booth at the Australian and NZ Industrial and Applied Mathematics conference, held in Australia's capital city, Canberra, from February 7-11 2016 to spread the word. This was especially the case since Overleaf had generously agreed to sponsor the Conference, specifically the production of the conference handbook which was compiled in Overleaf.

Collaborating between Barcelona and London - an interview with Eduardo Prieto-Araujo, CITCEA-UPC
By Shelly Miller
Eduardo Prieto-Araujo photo

"I was looking for a collaborative tool for writing LaTeX scientific documents, journal papers and other texts.

My PhD co-advisor is a professor at Imperial College London and I am based in Barcelona, so exchanging latex files for paper reviews through email was not optimal.

Then, we found Overleaf through the website, and since then, we are using it to write different documents in a simple collaborative way, editing the same source file."

– Eduardo Prieto-Araujo

An interview with Overleaf Advisor Francisco Orlandini - researcher at LabMeC, State University of Campinas, Brazil
By Shelly Miller
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" When you start using LaTeX you have the feeling that you can focus on the content of your work rather than worrying about formatting and other issues that just get in your way. Overleaf brings this feeling back." – Francisco Orlandini

Paying it forward: Aalok Thakkar shares academic research knowledge with alma mater
By Shelly Miller
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"Overleaf has made work easier, documents prettier and life simpler." – Aalok Thakkar

Recently we spoke with Aalok Thakkar, a student at Chennai Mathematical Institute pursuing an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, and a member of Institute of Actuaries of India. His interest lies in economics, mathematics, computer science and history.

An interview with Overleaf Advisor Maria Luiza - tackling astrophysical problems with a statistical mindset
By Shelly Miller
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"Overleaf represents freedom of creation, sharing, and novelty." – Maria Luiza Linhares Dantas

Maria recently completed her Masters degree in Astrophysics at the University of Sao Paulo, and we're delighted to welcome her as a new Overleaf Advisor!

In this short interview she explains why she applied to be an Advisor and how she's been using Overleaf in her recent work.