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Check it, check it out! Overleaf Webinar Recording – Enabling Research and Collaboration at Institutions
By Mary Anne Baynes

Check out our recent webinar – Enabling Research and Collaboration at Institutions! It was a great webinar with a notable line up of speakers.

Enabling Research and Collaboration at Institutions - Overleaf Webinar Slide

Author interview with Alex Halperin, Assistant Professor at Salisbury University's Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
By John Hammersley
Alex Halperin photo

Overleaf is perhaps the best professional thing that's happened to me. I use your website for every single set of (skeletal) notes, exams, and quizzes for all my classes. I also type all my research papers up in Overleaf. I love the instant compilation and split-screen view. I also love the tag system, so I don't have to sort files by folders. Lastly, I like the different templates offered, which I use for letters of recommendation. In short, if I TeX it, then I use Overleaf.

Eventually, when I teach an upper-level class that requires LaTeX, I will teach them using Overleaf. In fact, my colleague has already done so, after the school computers were reformatted and the pathways between MiKTeX and TeXnicCenter got messed up. She begrudgingly tried Overleaf, which she had never used, and her students loved it.

The whole site works seamlessly. I can't thank you enough for introducing this intuitive, wonderful, and free service...I love your website and will be using Overleaf for the near future.

– Alexander Halperin, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Salisbury University.

After receiving such a kind email – it means a lot to everyone at Overleaf, and to me personally when we receive messages like this – we asked Alex some follow up questions as part of our Author Interview blog series. This is what he had to say...

Author interview with Paty Novais, astrophysicist at Universidade de São Paulo
By Shelly Miller
Paty Novais

Paty first got in touch to ask us if she could have an Overleaf duck, and seeing as she was so enthusiastic about Overleaf we decided to ask her more about her work and her use of the platform! Oh, and we sent her some ducks too, of course :)

Writing my papers and books on Overleaf
By John Hammersley

After Juan got in touch with us as part of the Overleaf Campus Challenge 2016, we invited him to tell us a little more about his work and his collaborations. Here's what he had to say...

Juan Cuadrado photo

My colleague and friend Miguel-Ángel Sicilia and I were working together on a new book, and he said to me:

"We will be continually updating this work and the other must see immediately the update; perhaps we could use Overleaf to make the collaboration easy."

I remember that I said: “to use, what?” And now I use Overleaf for all my academic work!

– Professor Juan Cuadrado

A letter from Hans Toquica, Universidad Nacional de Colombia - winners of #CampusChallenge 2016
By Shelly Miller
Hans Toquica photo

Following the recent announcement of the winners of the Overleaf Campus Challenge 2016, we received the following, very heartfelt message of thanks from one of our Advisors who's based at the winning institution, Universidad Nacional de Columbia.