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How to Write Using Rich Text Format and Markdown in LaTeX and Overleaf
This is a tutorial on how to use rich text format and markdown for publishing using Overleaf and similar web based LaTeX authoring systems.
Arindam Basu
The Art, Science, and Engineering of Programming is a new journal created with the goal of placing the wonderful art of programming in the map of scholarly works. Many academic journals and conferences exist that publish research related to programming, starting with programming languages, software engineering, and expanding to the whole Computer Science field. Yet, many of us feel that, as the field of Computer Science expanded, programming, in itself, has been neglected to a secondary role not worthy of scholarly attention. That is a serious gap, as much of the progress in Computer Science lies on the basis of computer programs, the people who write them, and the concepts and tools available to them to express computational tasks. The Art, Science, and Engineering of Programming aims at closing this gap by focusing primarily on programming: the art itself (programming styles, pearls, models, languages), the emerging science of understanding what works and what doesn’t work in general and in specific contexts, as well as more established engineering and mathematical perspectives. This is an example of and a guide to writing articles for The Art, Science, and Engineering of Programming.
Tobias Pape, Crista Lopes, Robert Hirschfeld
LaTeX Workshop
Workshop and examples for getting started with LaTeX, Tufts 2016 CSLOL
Matthew Ahrens
Introduction to LaTeX
An attempt to create a compact introduction to Overleaf and LaTeX in general. Topics and examples are tailored to meet the needs of The Hudson School. This is a work in progress. The document works well as a PDF and most examples are included verbatim.
Rusty Laracuenti
LaTeX I (CU Doctoral Academy)
Source code for LaTeX I, a course for LaTeX beginners, including slides, handouts, exercises and notes. LaTeX I is a workshop provided by Cardiff University's Doctoral Academy. The materials are a modified version of those produced by UK TUG volunteers for a course provided for beginning LaTeX users. The materials were adapted for LaTeX I by Clea F. Rees. Both the original work and modifications are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. The original project is available as a GitHub repository maintained by Joseph Wright from
Clea F. Rees
Quellenverwaltung - BibTex
Was ist eine Quellenverwaltung (QV) und wie benutze ich speziell Bibtex-basierte QVs. Eine kleine Präsentation bezüglich dieses Themas.
Probability Homework 8 Solution
This LaTex file is composed using LaTex.It's my probability homework published here only with the purpose of making more people get to know and use LaTex well!
Jindong Wang
Guía de matemáticas.
Una guía de matemáticas básicas.
A Latex Tutorial
This LaTeX tutorial will introduce LaTeX, creating a .tex file, sections, body text, tables, figures, mathematical formulas, acknowledgements, and references.
Daniel Ruatta

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