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Teaching and Research Statement
Teaching and Research Statement example written for 2015 faculty search season.
W. Ethan Eagle
Ensayo El Celular
Luis Felipe Cabal Paredes
experiments with the dynamics of the Riemann zeta function
We describe computer experiments suggesting that there is an infinite family L of Riemann zeta cycles Λ of each size L = 1, 2, 3, ....
Barry Brent
The Art, Science, and Engineering of Programming is a new journal created with the goal of placing the wonderful art of programming in the map of scholarly works. Many academic journals and conferences exist that publish research related to programming, starting with programming languages, software engineering, and expanding to the whole Computer Science field. Yet, many of us feel that, as the field of Computer Science expanded, programming, in itself, has been neglected to a secondary role not worthy of scholarly attention. That is a serious gap, as much of the progress in Computer Science lies on the basis of computer programs, the people who write them, and the concepts and tools available to them to express computational tasks. The Art, Science, and Engineering of Programming aims at closing this gap by focusing primarily on programming: the art itself (programming styles, pearls, models, languages), the emerging science of understanding what works and what doesn’t work in general and in specific contexts, as well as more established engineering and mathematical perspectives. This is an example of and a guide to writing articles for The Art, Science, and Engineering of Programming.
Tobias Pape, Crista Lopes, Robert Hirschfeld
Methods to prevent overfitting and solve ill-posed problems in statistics: Ridge Regression and LASSO
Linear regression is one of the most widely used statistical methods available today. It is used by data analysts and students in almost every discipline. However, for the standard ordinary least squares method, there are several strong assumptions made about data that is often not true in real world data sets. This can cause numerous problems in the least squares model. One of the most common issues is a model overfitting the data. Ridge Regression and LASSO are two methods used to create a better and more accurate model. I will discuss how overfitting arises in least squares models and the reasoning for using Ridge Regression and LASSO include analysis of real world example data and compare these methods with OLS and each other to further infer the benefits and drawbacks of each method.
Chris Van Dusen
An Overview of Visualization in Mathematics, Programming and Big Data
Visualization is a descriptive way to ensure the audience attention and to make people better understand the content of a given topic. Nowadays, in the world of science and technology, visualization has become a necessity. However, it is a huge challenge to visualize varying amounts of data in a static or dynamic form. In this paper we describe the role, value and importance of visualization in maths and science. In particular, we are going to explain in details the benefits and shortages of visualization in three main domains: Mathematics, Programming and Big Data. Moreover, we will show the future challenges of visualization and our perspective how to better approach and face with the recent problems through technical solutions.
Desared Osmanllari
Microlattice: Un material innovador
Andrea Pinzon, Mariana Gil y Angela Pinto
Path Integrals an Introduction
Here we discuss the path integral formalism for quantization of fields. The basic idea is reviewed and explained. This is completely based on the book ``Quantum Field Theory A Modern Introduction" by Michio Kaku. For calculation natural system of units is taken.
La revelación de los sentimientos
La revelación de los sentimientos
ana isabel

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