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Create beautiful Life Science infographics with MindTheGraph
Guest blog post by Fabricio Pamplona, Founder of MindTheGraph

How often do we find the illustrations we need for our presentations or posters? It gets even worse when we need an illustration for a paper, right?


Mind the Graph aimes to help scientists in communicating their findings in a simple, beautiful and professional way. We want to help make your science less complicated and bring it closer to your audience!


The Nano Ninjas won...again! #STEM4Girls #WomenInTech #Robots
The Nano Ninjas!
The Nano Ninjas team en route to their THINK award!

There's no stopping them! The Nano Ninjas march on to the Super-Regionals after winning the THINK award for their engineering notebook!

Easily create new projects from your university's official templates on Overleaf
By Tim Alby

Your affiliated university and academic society templates are now easily accessible from your projects dashboard! Simply click the 'New Project' button on your dashboard and the featured templates from your university or society's institutional license are right at the top to help you quickly get started.

Overleaf University and Society templates featured in new project modal

Overleaf Collaborates with Caltech to Support Scientific LaTeX Authoring for All Members of the Campus Community
By Shelly Miller
Overleaf training on-campus at Caltech

Exciting news! Overleaf is now collaborating with Caltech to provide Pro accounts to all students, faculty and staff.

On Wednesday, January 27th, the Library’s Research Services department coordinated an Overleaf training as part of their instruction program for Caltech students, faculty and staff.

The Nano Ninjas won! #STEM4Girls #WomenInTech #Robots
The Nano Ninjas!
The Nano Ninjas team with their awards!

Earlier this month we ran a short feature about the Nano Ninjas – an all-girls group of 7th and 8th graders who took part in the FIRST Tech Challenge and used Overleaf to create their engineering notebook to record their team and robot's journey throughout the season.

We're delighted to follow up on that post with news that the Nano Ninjas won first place in the Connect Award category at last week's Super Qualifier! They also placed second in the Inspire category, and were nominated for the Control, Motivate & Think Award! Go team!! :)