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Meet the TeXperts! Introducing Lian Tze and Nicholas
By John Hammersley

As those of you who've contacted us with support requests in the past few months will have discovered, we now have a team of TeXperts on hand to answer your LaTeX and Overleaf questions. Our two leading TeXperts are Lian Tze Lim and Nicholas Reith, and they've both been doing fantastic work in responding to support requests and producing tutorials and example materials for the community.

So, without further ado, please say a big hello to our two TeXperts!

The Overleaf Insider - Issue 2
By Mary Anne Baynes
Overleaf Insider logo and pic

All the latest news and updates from Overleaf, including our new feature releases, new partnerships and upcoming events.

Reproducible and collaborative data science - Overleaf links with Plotly
By Tim Alby
Overleaf Plotly import menu

You can now import your Plotly graphs directly into your Overleaf projects!

New: Collaborate Online and Offline with Overleaf and Git (beta)
By John Lees-Miller

One of your most requested features - a link between Overleaf and Git - is now available in beta release.

A history of changes to your Overleaf project in the GitHub GUI

New Year, New Name, New Free Features!
By John Hammersley

Track changes, version comparison, spell check, editor themes and LaTeX auto-complete are now free for all users.

Overleaf see tracked changes in compared versions rich text