LaTeX templates for BioMed Central, F1000Research, PLoS, Springer LNCS and IOP journals

Here we present a collection of five journal article templates pre-loaded into writeLaTeX and ready for immediate editing online

BioMed Central Journal Article LaTeX Template Screenshot
A set of 21 video tutorials introducing LaTeX (with workable examples)

Dr Vincent Knight of the University of Cardiff spent Sunday screencasting a set of 21 introductory videos for his new set of students (the academic year is just starting here in the UK).

We hope these are useful for the wider community - the full set of videos are embedded in this blog post for easy reference.

New feature: Toggle between auto-compile and manual-compile modes in writeLaTeX

You can now choose to pause the automatic preview of the compiled document - simply click the option in the top right corner of the preview:

auto preview pause screenshot

The preview will now stay paused, and will not update until you choose to refresh it manually, or turn the auto-preview back on.

Introducing Flooved - an open educational resource repository for maths and physics

We're excited to launch our third open access partnership with Flooved, an open education repository for maths and physics

Flooved homepage screenshot
Open access publishing with writeLaTeX and F1000Research

We're proud (and excited!) to be officially featured as part of the F1000Research submission process, for example as seen in this extract from their author guidelines page:

F1000Research author guidelines screenshot

F1000Research are also offering authors of software papers the chance to submit for free during 2013, to help encourage the documentation of the software used in life sciences research.