Having a hard time convincing your coauthors to learn LaTeX? With our Rich Text mode you no longer need to...
By John Lees-Miller

This weekend has seen the release of a major upgrade to the writeLaTeX editor, including a new user interface, an updated project pane to manage your files, and the first release of our new Rich Text mode for easier editing and collaboration.

WriteLaTeX at The Guardian's Activate Tech Talent Day in New York
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On the 19th November, writeLaTeX founder Dr John Hammersley gave a four minute pitch on how writeLaTeX is changing the face of scientific writing, collaboration and publishing.

What should the scientific record look like in the digital age?
By Julia Schölermann

A guest blog post by Julia Schölermann

Join us at the SpotOn conference in London on Friday Nov 9th 3-4 pm to discuss the possibilities and implications of rethinking the scientific record. Join the conversation live on twitter using #solo13digital or read our session notes - prepared collaboratively and on the fly using and pushed to figshare at the conclusion of the session.

Video Lectures are Good: MOOCs for science dissemination and an open access to education
castello miramare
Castello Miramare, Trieste.

– John Lees-Miller reporting from Trieste

Hello from the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Trieste, Italy! The ICTP supports science and science education in the developing world, and we got an invite to one of their workshops.

As usual, I learned much more from the workshop than the workshop did from me. I was invited to talk about writeLaTeX and how it makes collaboration easier for scientists and students around the world. But this post is about all the other great stuff at the workshop.

LaTeX templates for BioMed Central, F1000Research, PLoS, Springer LNCS and IOP journals

Here we present a collection of five journal article templates pre-loaded into writeLaTeX and ready for immediate editing online

BioMed Central Journal Article LaTeX Template Screenshot