LaTeX workshop in Brazil

Guest blog post by Raniere Silva

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Raniere Silva and Abel Siqueira will be running a workshop on September 27th (it is free) to teach basic knowledge of LaTeX and how to use writeLaTeX to avoid most of the problems that beginners had in the past years and, also, to begin using it to collaborate with others.

Rich commenting is here! Manage your feedback and review on writeLaTeX #BackToSchool
By John Lees-Miller

Following hot on the heels of the integrated reference management tools we released on Monday, we've now launched a rich commenting platform to help you manage feedback and review of your projects.

Writelatex comment review feedback tutorial screenshot


For one night only: #FuturePub + #ScholarlySocial + #LdnOpenDrinks triple-header! 23rd Sept, London
By John Hammersley

September 23rd just got even better - we've teamed up with Scholarly Social and London Open Drinks to bring you an amazing three-way event!

Overleaf writelatex futurepub scholarly social london open drinks event logo Sept 23rd

Join us for a great night of science, publishing, technology and drinks (and free pizza!). Tickets are free and space is limited so book your place now.

Import your bibs! Reference management tools now linked to Overleaf #BackToSchool
By Tim Alby

It's that time of year again - a new academic year is kicking off and we're excited to be releasing new tools to help students and researchers manage their projects more easily with Overleaf.

Here's the first #BackToSchool release: integrated reference management tools which allow you to link your bibliography databases to Overleaf.

Writelatex add zotero citeulike bibliography to project screenshot

Full speaker line up and venue for #FuturePub London on Sept 23rd
By John Hammersley
Overleaf writelatex futurepub event logo Sept 23rd

Our third event of 2014, featuring six quickfire talks on the latest new developments in scientific publishing and technology. Confirmed speakers include:

  • Sumika Sakanishi, Product manager of Open Data Certificate at the ODI
  • Natalie Jonk, Co-founder Walacea
  • Anna Sharman, founder and director of Cofactor
  • James Macfarlane, co-founder of BookGenie451
  • Alan Hyndman, Marketing Manager at figshare
  • Matias Piipari, CTO at Papers