Three submissions in three weeks! Overleaf's partnership with the Center for Open Science is off to a flying start

By John Hammersley

Update 23rd Sept: Make that four submissions! Our first submission to the SocArXiv just went through today too! :)

engrxiv and socarxiv links on overleaf

Three weeks ago we announced a new partnership with the Center for Open Science on their new OSF Preprints Service.

I'm delighted to report that, after only three weeks of the submission links being live, we've now had three submissions to the engRxiv directly from Overleaf!

Once the files and meta-data was sent across, these pre-prints were published immediately in the engRxiv, and you can see them at the links below:

Update: Plus this fourth pre-print submitted to the SocArXiv today (2016/09/23):

It's great to see such a positive early adoption from our users – thanks Philip, Macauley, Amit and Anirban – and we look forward to seeing more pre-print submission from Overleaf in the coming months.

If you'd like to see our full list of partner journals and repositories, it's online here, and if you'd like us to set up a submission link to your journal or repository, please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you!

John Hammersley

Co-founder, CEO

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