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A letter from Hans Toquica, Universidad Nacional de Colombia - winners of #CampusChallenge 2016
By Shelly Miller
Hans Toquica photo

Following the recent announcement of the winners of the Overleaf Campus Challenge 2016, we received the following, very heartfelt message of thanks from one of our Advisors who's based at the winning institution, Universidad Nacional de Columbia.

Overleaf #CampusChallenge 2016 - Announcing the Winners
By John Hammersley
Overleaf Campus Challenge Logo

The challenge is over, the results have been checked and verified, and we're delighted to announce the winners of the Overleaf Campus Challenge 2016!

What a difference a day (or two) makes... #CampusChallenge
By John Hammersley
Overleaf Campus Challenge Surge

Late last Thursday we noticed a huge surge in visits to our Campus Challenge page. We certainly didn't expect what happened next...

Easily create new projects from your university's official templates on Overleaf
By Tim Alby

Your affiliated university and academic society templates are now easily accessible from your projects dashboard! Simply click the 'New Project' button on your dashboard and the featured templates from your university or society's institutional license are right at the top to help you quickly get started.

Overleaf University and Society templates featured in new project modal

Successful training at Purdue
By Mary Anne Baynes

We’re happy to write that we recently concluded a successful 2-day training series at Purdue University – the Graduate School! It was a fun 2 days filled with 5 different training sessions – all well attended.

Mary Anne from Overleaf presenting a training workshop at Purdue University in January 2016

We were able to discuss the benefits of Overleaf, the new Overleaf/Purdue web portal, and lots of questions from the audience!