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Enabling Research Collaboration - reflections from our first London Institutional Conference
By John Lees-Miller

The Enabling Research Collaboration event held last week in London was a great opportunity for the Overleaf team to talk to university librarians and research office staff to find out first hand what's really important to them.

Many UK librarians talked about the challenges brought on by the new Open Access legislation that requires UK universities to archive publications from their authors in their institutional pre-print repositories at the point of acceptance to a journal. That is surprisingly tricky, because the paper doesn't usually get a DOI (a digital object identifier --- like a permanent link for a scientific paper) until it is published, which can be weeks or months after acceptance. That makes it hard to link up the initial deposit record with the final published paper, which is exactly what they have to do for the next UK research assessment. Fortunately, solutions are on the way, and we talked about how Overleaf's publisher integrations could help make this process simpler for authors and for librarians who need to meet the new compliance requirements.

We also heard from Simon Porter on "Research Data Mechanics", and our special guest Helen Josephine who flew over from Stanford to present on 'Facilitating Collaboration at Stanford University', who gives her thoughts on the day in this blog post.

And there were cupcakes! :)

Overleaf Cupcakes!

Full steam ahead! Ongoing collaboration between Stanford and Overleaf in 2016
By Shelly Miller

I am happy to write about our successful ongoing collaboration with Stanford University Libraries!

Earlier this year, in February, I attended Stanford’s Gear Up for research day. It was fun speaking with students, researchers, faculty and staff interested in increasing productivity and quality related to collaborative scientific authoring. The feedback was excellent – students and faculty were genuinely happy that Stanford was providing free Overleaf Pro accounts to all students and faculty. Collaboration is on the rise, and having an innovative collaborative authoring tool received high praise! You can view my lightning talk slides by clicking here.

A letter from Hans Toquica, Universidad Nacional de Colombia - winners of #CampusChallenge 2016
By Shelly Miller
Hans Toquica photo

Following the recent announcement of the winners of the Overleaf Campus Challenge 2016, we received the following, very heartfelt message of thanks from one of our Advisors who's based at the winning institution, Universidad Nacional de Columbia.

Overleaf #CampusChallenge 2016 - Announcing the Winners
By John Hammersley
Overleaf Campus Challenge Logo

The challenge is over, the results have been checked and verified, and we're delighted to announce the winners of the Overleaf Campus Challenge 2016!

What a difference a day (or two) makes... #CampusChallenge
By John Hammersley
Overleaf Campus Challenge Surge

Late last Thursday we noticed a huge surge in visits to our Campus Challenge page. We certainly didn't expect what happened next...