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Easily create new projects from your university's official templates on Overleaf
By Tim Alby

Your affiliated university and academic society templates are now easily accessible from your projects dashboard! Simply click the 'New Project' button on your dashboard and the featured templates from your university or society's institutional license are right at the top to help you quickly get started.

Overleaf University and Society templates featured in new project modal

Successful training at Purdue
By Mary Anne Baynes

We’re happy to write that we recently concluded a successful 2-day training series at Purdue University – the Graduate School! It was a fun 2 days filled with 5 different training sessions – all well attended.

Mary Anne from Overleaf presenting a training workshop at Purdue University in January 2016

We were able to discuss the benefits of Overleaf, the new Overleaf/Purdue web portal, and lots of questions from the audience!

Overleaf's spell-checker now supports five additional languages: Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Czech, Ukrainian and Polish
By John Lees-Miller
Overleaf spell check language option project setting screenshot

Following a recent update to our spell-checker to use a more comprehensive and more stable set of libraries, we're also delighted to have added five additional language options!

A quick visual guide to creating table cells with diagonal lines in LaTeX
By Lian Tze Lim
Using the slashbox and diagbox LaTeX packages for tables on Overleaf

There are many packages in LaTeX that help with table creation – booktabs is a popular example – and there are also a growing number of automatic table generators now available online (such as this one) which are a great way to create the LaTeX code for a table without having to type it out manually. But what if you want to add some additional styling or formatting to certain cells within your tables?