New Year, New Name, New Free Features!
By John Hammersley

Track changes, version comparison, spell check, editor themes and LaTeX auto-complete are now free for all users.

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Latest TeX update: TiKZ / PGF 3.0 support, auto-generated nomenclature, and a new Arabic typesetting system
By John Lees-Miller
Venn diagram with blend pgf 3 example image

Happy New Year! This is our first blog post of 2015 (yay!), with details of three updates to the TeX servers that power Overleaf which we released towards the end of last year; TikZ / PGF 3.0 support, auto-generated nomenclature and a new Arabic typesetting system.

Capturing the Research Lifecycle - video panel from Microsoft's 'Shaking it Up' workshop
Overleaf Writelatex Microsoft capturing the research lifecycle video panel screenshot

Overleaf creator and Writelatex CTO Dr John Lees-Miller speaks on the first panel at the 'Shaking-it Up' workshop held at the Microsoft New England R&D Center in Boston in November.

WriteLaTeX is continued Overleaf
By John Hammersley
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This year has been a huge one for writeLaTeX -- we've now compiled over 1.5 billion pages, serving over 150,000 authors from over 180 countries worldwide. As part of our efforts to make the power of LaTeX more accessible to more people, we're relaunching in 2015 under the new name of Overleaf as part of a major upgrade to the service.

WriteLaTeX Author Interview: Sam Cooper, Imperial College London

Sam obtained his MEng (hons) from Imperial in Mechanical Engineering. He is currently a research student in the area of energy materials under the supervision of Professor John Kilner of the Materials Department and Professor Nigel Brandon of the Energy Futures Lab.

The focus of his work is on the microstructural analysis of SOFC cathodes using X-ray nano-tomography and simulation techniques.

In this short interview, Sam Cooper writes about his experiences using writeLaTeX over the past 18 months...