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Chinese & Japanese Traditional Colour Names
xcolor names can contain CJK characters! So here are some Chinese and Japanese traditional colour names like 丁香色, 御召御納戸 . CJK-related packages not required if your document doesn't need to display any CJK text.
LianTze Lim
Japanese XeLaTeX
Japanese XeLaTeX
2017年度人工知能学会全国大会(JSAI2017)の原稿テンプレートです。 公式のスタイルファイルをダウンロードし、文字コードをUTF-8に変換して、overleafで執筆できるようにしたものです。 下記URLの原稿執筆案内を参照し、各自の責任でお使いください。
Yuya Yoshikawa
Yusuke Oda
WPP Template
The template of "white paper project" in CyberAgent, inc.
Desktop Calendar (fits CD jewel case) with Japanese Localisation
The calendars are printed 2-up to fit CD jewel cases -- the output PDF contains a photo of the actual physical output (the bigger one). Colours, illustrations, fonts etc are customisable. The calendars can be marked with events with date ranges, with different markers and styles (updated Dec 18, 2016). Use the sundayweek document class option to make weeks start on Sundays. (updated Aug 3, 2015). Localisation possible with languages supported by babel/translator/datetime2. Tested with british, spanish, french, ngerman, italian, portuges, polish, croatian, greek. (Use lualatex for french. If using pdflatex for greek, remember to load LGR,T1 for fontenc.) Use the nobabel option and make your own customisations, for languages not supported by babel and/or translator. This is an example of such a customisation for Japanese. Note: If you get an error when you change the language, click on the "compile from scratch" option in the error message window. The corresponding calendar to fit into a 3.5" floppy disk jewel case can be found here, while a full-page "giant" version can be found here. Or fork it on Github!
LianTze Lim
LaTeX Template for Annual Conference of the Virtual Reality Society of Japan (2016)
Takefumi Hiraki
SIG-MR (日本 VR 学会 複合現実感研究会) Template
This template describes guidelines for writing technical reports for SIG-MR, VRSJ. Detailed instructions on font size and styles of all elements in the paper, including headers and footnotes, paper title and authors, section and subsection headings, and reference list. Some specific notes for respectively review and final papers are also stated. All papers submitted for SIG-MR workshops are expected to follow these guidelines: it is very important for the aesthetic consistency of papers through a volume that each author strictly follows the guidelines. This document also serves as a sample document that provides authors a concrete appearance of formatted pages.
Kiyoshi Kiyokawa
pLaTeX 実験
An example on using pTeX on Overleaf.
LianTze Lim (Overleaf)

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