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The latest TeX Live 2015 is here!
By John Lees-Miller
TeX Live Logo

The latest TeX Live 2015 is now running on Overleaf, and it brings many updated and new packages! Yay!

A quick visual guide to creating table cells with diagonal lines in LaTeX
By Lian Tze Lim
Using the slashbox and diagbox LaTeX packages for tables on Overleaf

There are many packages in LaTeX that help with table creation – booktabs is a popular example – and there are also a growing number of automatic table generators now available online (such as this one) which are a great way to create the LaTeX code for a table without having to type it out manually. But what if you want to add some additional styling or formatting to certain cells within your tables?

In-line rich text comments and multi-citation auto-complete
By Shane Kilkelly
Tweet screenshot about the new Overleaf auto-complete update

Last month saw the release of two enhancements to the Overleaf editor: the first to help with document review, the second to improve the auto-complete functionality when inserting citations from your bibliography.

Examples, techniques and tips on how to use latexmkrc with Overleaf
By Lian Tze Lim

Why the interest in latexmkrc? We've recently had a number of users get in touch to ask how to do certain things with Overleaf, to which our answer has begun: "Firstly, create a custom latexmkrc file in your project...". Given that this isn't the most intuitive part of LaTeX, and documentation on the web (and examples in particular) is quite sparse, we thought we'd explore it here in a bit more detail.

You've created three million projects and counting...
By John Hammersley

Last week we hit an amazing milestone -- the three millionth project was created on Overleaf!

When John and I kicked this all off (as writeLaTeX) just over two and half years ago, we never expected it to grow this fast. Looking at this early screenshot compared to the current editor, it's amazing how little has changed on the surface:

WriteLaTeX early screenshot

But things have certainly had to scale up on the backend! To celebrate hitting the three million projects mark, and to help give a sense of this scale, we've put together a few other stats about Overleaf we hope you'll find interesting (and maybe a little surprising too!).