Job Opening: Automatic LaTeX to JATS XML and HTML Conversion Specialist
By John Lees-Miller

We're looking for an expert in automatic LaTeX to JATS XML and HTML conversion with LaTeXML.

Case Study: The University of Cambridge—Significant and Sustained Growth in the use of Overleaf
By Graham Douglas

In this Case Study we discuss the latest results from the University of Cambridge’s trial of Overleaf Commons, highlighting rapid and substantial growth in the adoption of Overleaf by members of the university—both in terms of new registered users and the number of projects being created:

Growth in new Overleaf projects at the University of Cambridge
In particular, we see a significant increase in the number of external institutions whose members collaborate with Cambridge via Overleaf:

Growth in external institutions collaborating with the University of Cambridge
Case Study: Genetics Society of America—How Overleaf Streamlines Editorial Processes
By Mary Anne Baynes

In this Case Study we are delighted to share some of the Genetics Society of America’s experiences of using Overleaf and how it has made a very tangible and positive contribution to their publishing operations—and been welcomed by their author community. Today, 70% of all accepted LaTeX submissions coming into the the Genetics Society of America’s GENETICS journal are now written and submitted using the Overleaf template and platform.

The Overleaf team are grateful to the GSA for their assistance during preparation of this Case Study.

Cover of GENETICS journal
Overleaf Product Update: June 2017
By Ryan Looney

We’re always working to make Overleaf better by introducing new features and improving existing ones. Here’s a short update on what we’ve been up to lately:

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Overleaf is growing!
By Mary Anne Baynes
New Overleaf Team Members

Overleaf continues to grow and we’re happy to introduce our 3 new Overleaf team members - Lee Shalit, Graham Douglas, and Liz Kluk.