It's time for the next #FuturePub! London, Sept 25th, near Kings Cross
By John Hammersley

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Monday, September 25, 2017 from 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Near Kings Cross, London
Free Pizza & Drinks!

Four speakers now confirmed! Here's the awesome line-up we have for you so far...

A Data-Driven Approach to LaTeX Autocomplete
By Nate Stemen

Writing LaTeX can at times be tedious and painful. At Overleaf we try to minimize that pain and provide a more enjoyable, and overall focused experience allowing you to put content over commands. In this post we begin to learn about what we are doing at Overleaf to help combat this pain by building a smarter autocomplete feature.

Command Word Cloud

What is a “TeX token”?
By Graham Douglas

Have you have ever read books or articles about TeX which contain explanations referring to “TeX tokens”? If so, you might be left wondering what, exactly, is a TeX token? This article, the first of a new series, sets out explore and explain TeX tokens by tracing the processing journey from characters in the input file to the actual calculation of tokens—integers which are TeX’s internal representation of characters and control sequences.

A New Series of Articles: TeX Tokens and Related Concepts—But Why (and How)?
By Graham Douglas

This introductory article outlines the motivation (and methodology used) for writing a series of articles that attempt to provide clear, and easy-to-follow, explanations of some key TeX concepts—based on direct observation of the inner workings of a TeX engine.

American Society for Microbiology and Overleaf: A Partnership to Enhance the Author Experience
By Mary Anne Baynes

The American Society for Microbiology (ASM) and Overleaf announce a new partnership to expand the ASM author publishing tools to enhance the author experience.