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  • Overleaf Benefits for Remote Learning

    Posted by Mary Anne on September 14, 2020

    In these unprecedented times in which we’re all seeing a huge increase in remote learning and remote working, at Overleaf we’re helping by providing an easy to use, easy to manage, and easy to expand collaborative authoring solution.

    Overleaf’s collaborative LaTeX authoring tool is in use by over six million researchers, students and authors around the world. It provides organizations with an innovative, collaborative, state-of-the-art authoring solution to help them work smoothly across teams and other research institutions around the world.

    Some of the benefits include:

    • Intuitive Writing Platform: Overleaf’s intuitive writing platform makes it easier for students, teachers and researchers to write LaTeX documents. Features such as real-time track changes and commenting, project history, versioning, and in-project chat are easily identifiable and expected in modern authoring platforms. Overleaf brings those much needed and expected features into a LaTeX authoring environment - features which are not typically found in standard LaTeX installations.
    • Nothing to install: Standard LaTeX installation can be difficult and confusing - especially for students who are new to using LaTeX. It can force teachers, faculty and IT to spend hours helping individual students with the set up of their remote learning LaTeX installation. Overleaf removes that burden from everyone. There’s nothing to install, simply go to, open a template (or assignment) and start to write!
    • End User Support: Take the burden off of teachers and IT staff - Overleaf can handle all questions about the Overleaf platform or even LaTeX itself!
    • Error Handling: LaTeX errors can be tricky to find and fix. Overleaf simplifies error handling by finding and displaying errors as the author writes. This is extremely helpful for new LaTeX users and facilitates the LaTeX learning process.
    • Simple Online Collaboration: teachers, students and researchers can all easily collaborate on projects from wherever they are! So it's easy to get feedback on your thesis, homework assignments, reports, research documents, and so on, all directly within Overleaf. Simply invite collaborators into a project and everyone can write, comment and chat in real-time.
    • Remote Learning Assignments: Use our link sharing feature to share an assignment as read-only with your entire class (so they can then create their own editable copy to use for completing the assignment).
    • Over 6000 templates: No need to start a LaTeX project from scratch - choose from over 6,000 document templates on Overleaf. Everything from theses, to lab reports, to CVs, books, and posters!
    • Great for Teaching: Overleaf provides quick ways to make templates and class assignments available to students. Students can easily open and work on assignments - inviting the teacher into an assignment for help or grading as required. Teachers can efficiently keep track of assignments within their Overleaf dashboard - tagging assignments as Graded/Ungraded for ease of reference.
    • LaTeX Help and Documentation: The Overleaf Learn Wiki is an incredible source of information for LaTeX questions and the Overleaf platform - including many courses and material to learn LaTeX. Students and teachers can easily search for answers to an array of LaTeX or Overleaf questions - or reach out to our Overleaf TeXperts for individualized answers as required.

    Additional Resources

    Here's a selection of case-studies and real-world examples to help show how Overleaf is being used in different contexts worldwide:

    You can also find out more details on Overleaf for Institutions and Overleaf for Enterprise.

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