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  • Overleaf Partners with American Geophysical Union to Simplify Submission Process for Multiple Journals

    Posted by Mary Anne on October 5, 2016
    AGU and Overleaf logos

    London – Oct 5, 2016: New submission process for AGU authors offers an easier and faster way to collaborate and write articles - We’re really happy to let you all know that we have a new partnership with the American Geophysical Union (AGU),a nonprofit, professional organization for Earth and space scientists representing more than 60,000 members.

    AGU publishes 20 peer-reviewed scientific journals covering research in the Earth and space sciences. Authors of the Geophysical Research Letters, the Journal of Geophysical Research (JPR): Space Physics, and JGR: Atmospheres are now able to write and collaborate using a template that allows them to select the specific journal in which they would like to submit. The finished manuscripts created within the Overleaf platform can then be submitted directly to the AGU eJP submission system - transferring necessary files and metadata automatically. This will simplify the submission process for AGU authors and offer an easier and faster way to collaborate and write articles.

    Through this implementation, and via a one-click submission link directly into their submission systems, AGU will be able to capture structured manuscript metadata, correctly compiled LaTeX files and PDFs.

    The new AGU LaTeX Templates in Overleaf

    Brooks Hanson, Director of Publications at AGU said:

    “As a leader in scientific collaboration and innovation, AGU is committed to improving services to our authors and transforming scientific publishing in today’s evolving marketplace. By contracting with Overleaf, we are able to provide our authors with more efficient and time-saving technologies.”

    John Hammersley, Co-founder and CEO of Overleaf said:

    “It’s a real honour to be working with the American Geophysical Union who promote excellence and integrity in everything they do. It’s been great working so closely with their team to offer the latest technology solutions to their authors. For Overleaf, it’s exciting to provide researchers a simple option for writing and submitting manuscripts to AGU journals, simplifying the publication process.”

    This collaboration will also include: Pre-submission checks to make sure the submissions compile; uploading of AGU LaTeX templates into the Overleaf authoring platform; a customized, AGU branded editing environment on Overleaf; a metrics and analytics dashboard for AGU administrators; and customer support via Overleaf, for authors and editors where necessary. You can view the AGU custom templates here.

    Currently, Overleaf works globally with leading publishers and journals to provide: journal-specific templates – for automated composition and integrated author guidelines; options for automated “built-in” pre-submission checks; and author technical support. Find out more on our website.

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