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Example: gnuplot + tikz
This is an example for re-creating gnuplot charts with tikz on LaTeX, made possible by adding gnuplot-lua-tikz.sty and gnuplot-lua-tikz-common.tex to your project. (These files can be generated by invoking lua gnuplot-tikz.lua style where gnuplot-tikz.lua can be found in $GNUPLOT/lua/gnuplot-tikz.lua. (This will work with all engines, not just LuaLaTeX!)
Gudrun, LianTze Lim
Asymptote 3D graphics
This example shows how to get asymptote 3D drawings working on Overleaf. All the drawings in this example were taken from the Asymptote documentation. The important bit is to add settings.render=0, to get around the problem of rendering on headless displays (i.e. the compile servers doesn't have a graphics card/display!) If you download the PDF and open it in Adobe Reader, you'll get interactive views of the 3D objects!
Example Event Poster with QR Codes
An event poster with a simple layout, courtesy of beamer. Try scanning the QR codes with a scanner app (e.g. "Scan" on iOS; "QR Droid" on Android and see what happens!
LianTze Lim
Using gnuplottex on Overleaf
An example on using gnuplot right in LaTeX with the gnuplottex package
Lars Kot­thoff (uploaded by LianTze Lim)
Getting psfrag to work in pdflatex
An example using the pstool package to get \psfrag commands working with .eps images in pdflatex. There's a caveat; after the initial compile, if you add more \psfrag or change the replacements, it doesn't auto-update the replacements in the PDF output on Overleaf unless you do a recompile from scratch, or the .eps file itself is updated.
LianTze Lim
PSTricks LaTeX Example 1: Plotting points
basic example of pstricks
Branching arrows with decision option in flowchart
What is global warming doing to us?
Isabella Walker
Exportar figuras tikz a imágenes
Este es un ejemplo de cómo utilizar la librería external del paquete tikz para generar archivos de imagen con las gráficas desarrolladas en el ambiente tikzpicture, en Overleaf
Fausto Mauricio Lagos Suárez
Quick tikzpeople example
The tikzpeople package by Nils Fleis­chhacker pro­vides peo­ple-shaped nodes in the style of Mi­crosoft Vi­sio clip art, to be used with TikZ.
LianTze Lim

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