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An interview series with Overleaf co-founder Dr. John Hammersley - Parts 1 and 2
By Mary Anne Baynes
Don Samulack and John Hammersley interview banner

In a series of four interviews for Editage Insights, Overleaf co-founder Dr. John Hammersley talks with Donald Samulack, President of US operations for Editage, on the topic of collaborative writing and publishing in the context of science and research.

Write your Clinical Briefs in Overleaf: New template for Evolution, Medicine and Public Health (EMPH) from Oxford University Press
By John Hammersley

Overleaf is delighted to bring you a new Clinical Briefs template for submissions to Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health (EMPH), an open access journal from Oxford University Press.

Overleaf EMPH template

New partnership between Overleaf and The Genetics Society of America (GSA)
By Mary Anne Baynes
Overleaf GSA logos

Overleaf is delighted to announce a new partnership with The Genetics Society of America (GSA). Through this partnership, authors submitting to GSA’s GENETICS and G3: Genes|Genomes|Genetics journals will soon have access to the award winning Overleaf collaborative cloud-based writing and reviewing tool. They will be able to quickly and easily write articles in a customized journal template and collaborate on those articles with colleagues.

Reproducible and collaborative data science - Overleaf links with Plotly
By Tim Alby
Overleaf Plotly import menu

You can now import your Plotly graphs directly into your Overleaf projects!

Overleaf collaborates with Editage® to offer its authors publication-ready language editing services
Overleaf Editage logos

London, January 26, 2015 – Editage, a leading provider of editorial and publication support services for the global research community and the flagship brand of Cactus Communications, and Overleaf, a rapidly growing online collaborative writing and publishing platform by WriteLaTeX, have entered into an agreement to allow Overleaf authors to directly transfer manuscripts to Editage for its entire range of language editing services.