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Happy Birthday! 5 Years of Docker at Overleaf
By John Lees-Miller

This week is Docker’s 5th birthday, so we thought we’d mark the occasion with a rundown of how we’ve been using this great technology at Overleaf. Overleaf also celebrated its 5th birthday at the start of this year, and we’ve been using Docker since its very early days.

Cartoon showing Docker mascots and a birthday cake with the number 5

Image credit: Docker Inc.

Using LuaTeX to run tools and utilities installed on Overleaf’s servers
By Graham Douglas

In this short post we show how to use LuaTeX to run software tools and utilities installed on Overleaf’s servers, including how to capture, and then typeset, text that would normally be displayed in a terminal window. You might want to capture text such as success or failure reports from the program you are running, or the result of issuing command-line options such as --help to see the program’s options, or -v to determine which version of the program is installed.