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Using Overleaf in our LaTeX-based workflow at Language Science Press
By Mary Anne Baynes

A recent blog post from Language Science Press on their LaTeX-based workflow caught our eye towards the end of last year, as they talked about how they were using Overleaf as an integral part of this process.

Lang Sci Press blog Overleaf Trello

We followed up with their coordinator Sebastian Nordhoff to find out more, and here's what he had to say...

Congratulations to Dr Arin Basu - Overleaf Advisor of the Month (November 2015)
By Shelly Miller
Arin Basu photo

Congratulations and thanks to Dr. Arindam Basu and the Research Committee of the College of Education, Health, and Human Development CoEHHD for organizing an interactive Overleaf overview presentation at the University of Canterbury at Christchurch in New Zealand.

As a champion of collaborative research, Arin’s aim for this workshop was to introduce and encourage the use of Overleaf as a collaborative writing tool among students and academic faculty members. In addition, Arin is creating some basic tutorials that will be available soon in Overleaf’s help section of the website. We value Arin’s continued use, support, and promotion of Overleaf.

As a result, Overleaf is delighted to name Arin Basu as Advisor of the Month for November, 2015. Thank you Arin!

Harvard University collaborates across countries with Overleaf
Overleaf case study
Ash Craig Harvard University Photo

Ashley Craig is a first year graduate student in Economics at Harvard University and is using Overleaf to support his international collaboration with a fellow researcher based in Sydney.

Smoother, higher quality assignment writing at Hartwick College
Overleaf case study
Kevin Schultz teaching at Hartwick College photo

Photo Credit Gerry Raymonda / Hartwick College.

Physics teaching professor Kevin Schultz uses Overleaf to manage the writing and reviewing process around his students’ assignments and lab reports.

Brown University seeks insight into research collaboration
Overleaf case study
Andrew Creamer Brown University Photo

Brown University is engaged in a pilot project to investigate how its library can support scholarly communication. As part of the pilot it is using Overleaf as an authoring and submission tool, which will enable researchers to publish articles directly into the institutional repository.