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  • Tip of the Week: Using Overleaf teaching tools with your learning management system

    Posted by Ryan on January 4, 2018

    NOTE: This article shows screenshots of the of the old Overleaf v1 platform's Sharing menu which included Teaching Tool options that are no longer available. We recommend that you use a read-only link when sharing projects for students to use as the basis for assignments. See here to learn more about current project sharing options. Our webinar Teaching with Overleaf offers suggestions of how to use Overleaf in instructional settings — you can find our on-demand webinars here.

    Did you know you can use the Overleaf teaching tools with your learning management system (LMS)?

    Create a teaching assignment from an Overleaf project by going to the Share menu, and clicking "publish as assignment."

    Share menu publish as assignment highlighted

    Once you've created your teaching assignment on Overleaf, you'll be provided with a unique URL you can share with your students. You can share this assignment link using your existing LMS, such as Moodle, Blackboard, or Canvas, via your own course website, or by emailing the link to your class.

    link for sharing assignment

    You can read more about it at this blog post.

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