Webinar Recording – The Connected Culture of Collaboration

By Mary Anne Baynes

Did you miss our recent participation in Digital Science's webinar on scholarly collaboration? No worries! You can view it at your leisure here:

This webinar includes contributors from the report, The Connected Culture of Collaboration, who gave their global perspectives on scholarly collaboration.

We heard from 3 great panelists – our very own John Hammersley, Co-founder and CEO of Overleaf; Liz Allen, Director of Strategic Initiatives at F1000; and Helen Josephine, recently retired from the Stanford University Libraries. The panel discussed:

  • the existing and emerging trends in global research collaboration;
  • how collaboration is valued in science;
  • the role of university libraries in research communication;
  • how the growth of open access facilitates collaboration.

You can also download a copy of the full report on the connected culture of collaboration from figshare:

The Connected Culture of Collaboration Report Cover

Mary Anne Baynes


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