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  • Showcase your work from writeLaTeX - share your PDFs and track views & re-shares

    Posted on July 26, 2013

    A number of you have asked for a simple way to share your projects with others who aren't co-authors or direct collaborators:

    "I'd like to share my completed pdf with friends & colleagues, without having to download it."

    "I need feedback on a project but I don't want the reviewer to be able to edit the manuscript directly."

    "I'd like to show off my LaTeX skills by sharing my work on writeLaTeX, without the option for others to make changes."

    We pleased to announce that you can now do all of the above (and more) with our new read-only links - freely available to all our users as part of the main writeLaTeX service.

    Share your work instantly

    Share your PDFs directly from writeLaTeX, and track how many people view and share your work. Here's a paper I wrote on writeLaTeX earlier in the year as an example (click on the image to view the document):

    Read-only link screenshot 1

    Track views and re-shares

    You can see the number of times your read-only link has been viewed and shared, to keep track of your most popular work:

    Read-only link screenshot 2

    The integrated social media buttons are set up to help you quickly share your creations with your friends, colleagues, followers and communities, and you can also simply copy and paste the link.

    Share any writeLaTeX document

    When you share the main link to a writeLaTeX document you're working on, anyone who receives the link can both view and edit the document. With these special read-only links, others can view but not edit, allowing you to showcase your work whilst retaining control over the editing. Your original, editable version of the document always remains private, unless you choose to share the 'Read & Edit' link.

    To share your work as a read-only link, simply use the new option in the share menu:

    Read-only link screenshot 3

    The read-only version will open in a new window, ready for you to share with the world!

    Always the latest version

    The read-only version of your document automatically stays synced with the changes you make to your private editable version - this allows you to quickly incorporate feedback without having to send out a new link every time you make changes.

    To get started create a new document now, or view the example read-only link.

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