What a difference a day (or two) makes... #CampusChallenge

By John Hammersley

Late last Thursday we noticed a huge surge in visits to our Campus Challenge page.

We certainly didn't expect what happened next...

Overleaf Campus Challenge Surge

Looking at Google Analytics, this corresponded to a surge in referrals from Facebook; presumably someone was sharing the Challenge on their university page. I grabbed a quick screenshot, pinged the team on HipChat, and then went to bed, as it was already the early hours of Friday morning in the UK.

By morning, it was clear who'd been behind it:

Overleaf Campus Challenge Surge UNAL

Overleaf Campus Challenge Table 10th March

The initial push took UNAL up to third place (click to view a bigger version)

We were so impressed they'd jumped up into third in a single night, we tweeted about it...

...but they weren't stopping there! By the end of Saturday they were up in first place, having racked up an amazing 15,000 ducks in two days!

Overleaf Campus Challenge Table 12th March

By the end of Saturday, UNAL were racing clear in 1st (click to view a bigger version)

Congratulations to the Universidad Nacional de Colombia who've stormed into a big lead with this effort. Can anyone catch them? There are just over two weeks left to find out!

John Hammersley

Co-founder, CEO

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