2016 Greetings and Fun Facts

By Mary Anne Baynes

Everyone at Overleaf would like to thank you for your support in 2015 and we look forward to more exciting growth and new features in 2016.

We thought it would be fun to share with you some of the stats we've achieved in 2015... so here they are!

Overleaf 2016 Happy New Year Pluto and Putty
Overleaf 2016 Happy New Year Advisor Map

  • Overleaf hit the 3 million projects mark in July - if you printed off all those papers, the stack would be as tall as Pluto (the dwarf planet, not the dog!).
  • We've grown the Overleaf team by 200% and are now supported by an amazing group of over 80 Overleaf Advisors around the globe.
  • Our 'TeXperts' answered a total of 7377 support messages in 2015.
  • Through partnerships in the publishing industry, Overleaf is now in a position to provide automatic manuscript submission links to over 10,000 journals across all fields.
  • We've successfully produced and given out 2,300 silly putty eggs - with more to come in 2016! #Overleafputty

Fancy a cool dodecahedron calendar for your desk?

Everyone needs a cool 2016 dodecahedron calendar! Now's your chance to create one with LaTeX in seconds. Have fun!

Overleaf 2016 Calendar and Putty Monster

Here's to a fantastic 2016, and exciting times ahead!

Mary Anne Baynes


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