Reproducible and collaborative data science - Overleaf links with Plotly

By Tim Alby

You can now import your Plotly graphs directly into your Overleaf projects!

Overleaf Plotly link walkthrough tutorial gif

Collaborative data science

Plotly provides a fast and convenient way to graph and share your data. All you need to do is upload a dataset and you'll be creating amazing graphs in minutes. But what to do once you've created your graphs?

Now you can import them directly into your Overleaf projects, and collaboratively write your paper around your data.

Overleaf Plotly import menu

What if your data changes? Simply update the dataset on Plotly, refresh your graph, and it'll be updated in your paper on Overleaf.

Now you really can create dynamic, up-to-date papers with built-in links back to the original datasets. Create a new project today and give it a try!

Tim Alby

Tim Alby

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